Four FFBLT debit cards on a wooden table

Debit Cards

Simple and secure

An easy way to make everyday purchases, plus they are protected by 24/7 account monitoring and fraud alerts. Because it’s a debit card, you’ll have safe and easy access to your money. So it’s like having cash but better. Access your funds anytime, anywhere.
Your First Federal Debit Card is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Use your card at any store, online site, or an ATM near you.
  • No Limit to the amount of approved transactions.
Wildcat Magic is in the Air!
  • Does your child attend LISD schools? This is the card for you!
  • Each time you use the card, First Federal Bank will donate to Littlefield ISD.
  • Feel charitable each time you use the card knowing you are contributing to our youth’s education.
Your First Federal Debit Card even works from your Mobile Wallet App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • A mobile wallet is a smartphone or tablet app that securely stores your debit card information. Many online vendors prompt users to pay using their mobile wallet making it a convenient purchase experience.
  • Compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Load your card in your mobile wallet today!
Call (806) 385-7511 or visit the bank during normal business hours to request an increased daily purchase limit.
Feel secure knowing your debit card uses EMV Chip technology. Transactions require your 4-digit PIN code to access the funds in your associated checking account.
  • Call (806) 385-7511 or (888) 263-3370 to report your card lost or stolen as soon as possible.
  • Replacement card can be purchased by calling (806) 385-7511 during normal business
Call (806) 385-7511 or visit the bank during normal business hours to report suspected fraud on your card.