FFBLT business debit card on a wooden table

Business Debit Cards

Simple and Secure

An easy way to make everyday purchases, plus they are protected by 24/7 account monitoring and fraud alerts. Because it’s a debit card, you’ll have safe and easy access to your money. So it’s like having cash but better. Access your funds anytime, anywhere.
  • Your First Federal Debit Card is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Use your card at any store, online site, or an ATM near you.
  • No Limit to the amount of approved transactions.
Your First Federal Debit Card even works from your Mobile Wallet App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • A mobile wallet is a smartphone or tablet app that securely stores your debit card information.
  • Many online vendors prompt users to pay using their mobile wallet making it a convenient purchase experience.
  • Compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Load your card in your mobile wallet today!
Feel secure knowing your debit card uses EMV Chip technology. Transactions require your 4-digit PIN code to access the funds in your associated checking account.
Call (806) 385-7511 or visit the bank during normal business hours to request an increased daily purchase limit.
  • Call (806) 385-7511 or (888) 263-3370 to report your card lost or stolen as soon as possible.
  • Replacement card can be purchased by calling (806) 385-7511 during normal business hours.
Call (806) 385-7511 or visit the bank during normal business hours to report suspected fraud on your card.